Whole body vibration for Lymphedema

Whole Body Vibration exercise Machine

We have written before about the benefits of whole body vibration for lymphedema.

Here is an article that explains in more detail just why lymphedema is so difficult to treat and why it is that whole body vibration therapy is so effective.

First of all, we need to understand that the lymphatic system is dependent entirely on muscle action or on external massage for stimulation.  Similar to the blood circulation system of the body, the lymphatic circulatory system performs the functions of removing certain elements from cells and bringing certain elements to the cells.

The lymphatic system’s job is to remove toxins and get them flushed out of the body as well as to deliver antibodies to the cells.  Just as the blood system is responsible for oxygenating blood, and just as this is vital for health, so too, the importance of the lymphatic system cannot be over estimated.

Because the lymphatic system requires stimulation by muscle movement rather than by relying on a ‘heart’ to pump it around the body, this creates some issues when that stimulation is not present, or when the system has been damaged.  The most common form of damage to the lymphatic system is caused by certain cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

Fortunately for those who are either limited as far as their mobility and ability to exercise are concerned, or those who have undergone damaging treatments, there is a solution.

Whole body vibration exercise therapy acts on the muscles of the body to stimulate them.  The technology is designed to mimic the natural action of the muscles as we walk or run.  This is particularly the case for the triangular oscillating models that provide a low impact, non invasive stimulation that is gentle on joints.

Because whole body vibration is safe for most people, even the elderly who may not be able to take a walk around the block very easily, it is the ideal therapy in this situation.

The lymphatic system is fairly complex.  It not only has a circulatory path throughout the body similar to the blood system, but it also has various glands, ducts and nodes.  When the system becomes sluggish and does not function as it should, it becomes overloaded with toxins and this can result in many wellness issues, including swelling of the limbs.

By using whole body vibration therapy on a consistent basis, the correct type of stimulation is applied to the lymphatic system and the system begins to operate more efficiently.  We have heard reports from people who have had to use special lymphatic ‘presses’ to achieve a limited amount of stimulation to their system.

Whole body vibration is a lot easier, a lot more enjoyable and a lot more effective in this regard. In addition, it also offers many huge benefits such as exercising the entire body in just 10 minutes.  You would have to spend about an hour working out at the gym in order to gain this kind of benefit.  Besides this, whole body vibration does increase the production of serotonin and endorphins, so you feel in a better mood and more relaxed once you’ve used it.

If you have any questions about whole body vibration therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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